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Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 By the Numbers

2012 was such a great year, thanks mostly to Jake. He just makes everything so much more fun, you know? The annual recap is below... but first, the obligatory New Year's Day picture. January 1st marked the six-year anniversary of our first date and began our seventh year together. Needless to say, we have high expectations for 2013 -- lucky #7!

2012 by the numbers

5 - years of togetherness celebrated by blessing Jake on New Year's Day:

 2 - very special trips to see Grandpa Smith before he passed away this summer:

 83 - hours spent Skyping family and friends:

3 - trips to the Happiest Place on Earth (only 3?).

9 - centimeters: the distance between us and Meryl Streep at the Critics' Choice Awards.

58 - degrees: the best kind of snowboarding temperature. We'll miss you, Mt. High. But not your fake snow.

50 - minute ferry ride to the perfect long weekend on Catalina Island.

0 - Number of sharks seen snorkeling off the coast of Avalon. Thank goodness.

Infinity - number of days 'till graduation at USAFA, right Jake? Also, how much we loved reliving the best week of our lives through Coley and Jordan. (Here, here and here.)

20 - month-long engagement that finally ended in a beautiful, fun wedding for the little Rozsas. (Open House & Reception)

17 - number of flights flown by Jake by the end of the year. Such a good little traveler, that one!

8 - months-old when Jake took his first steps at Balboa Beach!

1st - Mother's and Father's Days. So great.

75 - minute drive to Los Angeles that is already missed. So many fun little adventures!

786 - miles traveled up the PCH and back on the best road trip ever (ever, ever)!

371 - shirts unfolded by this little mischief-making munchkin.

Never enough - days at the beach! (A few here, here, here, here, here, here and here.)

70.3 - miles covered by Matt in his first half ironman. You go, babe!

$$$$$$ - dollars spent moving from California to Utah and building our first home.

8 - p.m.: the time we stayed on the lake until until at the end of summer. Let's hear it for daylight savings!

365 - days of sleepless bliss celebrated on Jake's 1st birthday (and at his milk & cookies themed party)!

5 - kilometers covered in a few fun runs with Matt.

117 - hours spent pushing this happy little guy on the swing.

8 - touchdowns scored by our teams thanks to our presence in the stadiums.

38 - feet: max height reached on our hang gliding adventure.

6 - blocks away from my parents' home is this great little reservoir for play.

24 - full hours spent alone in Park City!

7 - Avengers and their handlers, just saving the world one Halloween at a time.

1,693 - books read and puppy videos watched.

5 - awesome days spent getting into the holiday spirit in NYC.

1 - Happy Christmas with our sweet baby Jake!

Just for fun, here's our By the Numbers posts for 2009, 2010 and 2011.


  1. I love that you used the numbers to show your year recap. Looked like you had a great one so here's to 2013.

  2. I'm with you, only 3 trips to DL?! Are you sure?

    1. Can you believe it? I think you went more than I did! We were just so busy. And we haven't been since August!!! Good thing that's on the agenda for February :)

    2. I honestly can't remember how many times we went last year. At least 3 times. :) I wish I could come with in February! Jealous!

  3. I always look forward to your "By-the-Numbers.." post! 2013 will only add to your lucky list of adventures; especially since odd years are by far your best and favorite ;)

  4. I second Heidi, your "By-the-Numbers" posts are always the best! You guys have so much fun :)

  5. I love your By-the-Numbers posts and New Years Day photo! It's pretty cool seeing how your lives change over the course of 365 days. Do you write down the numbers (like the number of books read and movies watched) throughout the year or make an estimate at the end of the year?

    1. Thanks! I keep track of the reasonable numbers, like flights and miles and whatnot, but others are definitely estimates. The books read estimate is probably pretty accurate, since we read at the very least 5 a day together (not counting the ones he reads on his own) now but maybe only 2 or 3 at the beginning of 2012, so if you evened it all out... and lump in the couple puppy videos a day for the past few months, and it sounded like a good number :)


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