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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Falcons, friends and family

Jake braved the freezing cold at his first football game this weekend!
We were super excited to go to the Air Force vs. Navy game back at Matt's old stomping grounds in Colorado Springs. Not only was this Jake's first football game altogether, but it was mine and Matt's first time together in Falcon Stadium -- Matt was always on the field while I was in the stands. And did I mention it was the Navy game? So yes, very excited. What made the weekend even better was the fact that my sister's family just moved to the Springs, so we'd get to spend some quality time with them as well. And then we found out that some of our favorite friends, the O'Bryants, were flying into town for the game as well so we'd get to watch it with them. We were pumped!

The only thing that dampened the enthusiasm a bit was the forecast. It was 81 degrees at the Academy on Wednesday and 74 the next Monday. But that Saturday? The high was 34. On October 6th, mind you. It was in the 20's when we got to the stadium! Luckily, I've learned the magic of layering in recent years and we were all bundled up nice and toasty. (PS- I totally recommend this baby snowsuit, which I bought last year on clearance in Santa Monica for a whopping $10.)

It was a really great game, which Air Force dominated right up until the final three minutes. If not for the multiple fumbles in the red zone and the two missed field goals and the questionable clock management in the end, they wouldn't have lost in overtime. So sad. But the thing that I love so much about Falcon football is that it's about so much more than football. We were reminded of that yet again after the game, when both academies took turns standing respectfully behind the other as they sang their alma maters. USAFA's alma mater reverently honors those who gave their lives in the service of the Air Force and our country. As you hear those words and see those future Air Force and Navy officers standing together, you picture them and their alumni, standing together to fight a different battle. And suddenly, the football game with the intense rivalry seems a little less consequential. And you get over the loss a little.... at least until you get to your car :)
Jaker's first hot chocolate. He loved it!
Shaun, Amber and beautiful little Corianne!
We then spent the rest of the weekend watching all of conference and hanging out with April, Alex and Tasha. Jakey and Tasha played and played, Alex and April cooked up some amazingness, and Tasha was enthralled with "Uncle Map." (Which is only fair, I suppose, since she preferred Aunt Ashley during our trip to Virginia last year.) It was a lovely little getaway.


  1. I just love seeing cousins loving each other and it brings me back to the good ole days when our kids were all tiny and we would get together. Great to have time with your sister and now your kids can be best friends!

  2. I feel your pain about the cold weather here, I JUST moved back the day before the cold snap started and since I was coming from Florida I had to high tail it to Target to buy warmer clothes! AF games are always fun, glad y'all had a great time! :)

  3. I love watching the cadets in the back try to get away with crappy, incorrect form push-ups! I was in Aspen that weekend, which was surprisingly warmer than the Springs.


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