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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Haircut

It was time.

Okay, it was actually time about six weeks ago, but there's just something sad about cutting a baby's hair that makes you put it off and off and off... until your baby boy has enough hair for pigtails. (For Jake's future sake, I'll leave that picture off the internet.) And then you realize that maybe it's time to accept that fact that maybe your baby boy is turning into more of a little boy, and maybe it's okay for little boys to have their hair cut.

Jake was a little unsure at first, but quickly warmed right up and put on a show for his crowd of adoring fans. All the while, the light blonde locks fell to the floor. In the end, Jake looked like what he is: a little boy. And a handsome little one at that!

This video was taken right before naptime and right at the end of the long haircut, so Jake was kind of over it by then. But he has the best little disposition and turns his fusses into giggles. I just love him! In this clip, Jake babbles a bit and shows off some of his vocab with "Heeeyyyy," "Diddy" (kitty), and "Heidi" all in one tiny video :)


  1. He is so grown up! And so big! I just love all of his reactions and emotions throughout the process. He looks just so handsome!

    And I'm so proud of you cutting his hair! Never did I think (Okay, maybe I did :) ) , that the one night I taught you how to cut Matt's hair, you'd be cutting little Jakey's hair! You're a pro!

  2. He is such a handsome, little boy!! Good job on the haircut, Ash! :)

  3. Good job on the haircut. I have a lock of Kevin's curly blond hair from the time that it took me months and months and months before I could cut off his curls. Good thing his hair was slow growing.


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