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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hang Gliding

Hang gliders and paragliders are a common sight at the point of the mountain. We've driven by as they've played on the hill so many times and thought it looked like a fun game. So when we found out the Air Force was moving us to Utah, hang gliding was one of the first things that made it on our PCS Party's to-do list. I made good on Matt's birthday present a week after the big day, and it was definitely worth the wait!

Our lesson started off with the basics of how to carry and control the glider, and by the end, we were taking off up the hill, banking and turning, and flying up to twenty feet above the ground. It's crazy to hold onto a big wing, take off running, and in a couple seconds, be stepping on air. That feeling of flying -- even at a lower height -- is absolutely exhilarating. The whole morning was so much fun!


  1. Always wanted to do this! Maybe Curt will finally agree now that he can see the first lesson does not involve being 100's of feet in the air.

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  2. You should do it! It's not scary or life-threatening at all. It takes 8-16 lessons to even be allowed to go off the top of the hill alone (much to Matt's dismay--he picks up things so quickly). Or you could do a tandem, high flight for the same price -- but we thought it sounded like more fun to try it out on our own this time around :)

  3. Very cool Ash! I see these hang gliders all the time. I work at the Department of Corrections just on the other side of the point of the mountain. I love seeing all these fun, brave, people hang gliding in the sky and I'm always amazed that there are SO many of them up in the air all at the same time! My kids LOVE to look at them all as we drive past all the time. Fun that you did it!

  4. I bought this on living social- Aaron and I will go tandem once it warms up again :). Can't wait!


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