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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Neverland on the run

Introducing Peter Pan and Tinkerbell in running shoes:
We got way into the Halloween spirit for a little 5K on Saturday. It was incredibly cold at 28 degrees (don't let the sun fool you!) but we somehow managed to get over our frozen hands and have a jolly ol' time. And speaking of time... instead of running for time, we got into character and had a party instead!

Matt literally ran the entire 3.1 miles in the "on guard" position -- with his right hand holding the sword forward and his left hand on his hip -- and we took regular "leaping" intervals. All that was missing was pixie dust, which I had been oh-so-tempted to toss along the route (it would have been kind of rude to Mother Earth though, you know?). Peter Pan was a big hit with the spectators and passing cars, and Matt ate it up by posing for every single cheer or honked horn. He makes everything so much fun!
Who knew Matt had such mad leaping skills?
As a side note, this Tinkerbell costume was Heidi's when she was like seven. So hooray for keeping old costumes around! Also, I made Matt's hat with a hot glue gun because I'm resourceful and un-domestic like that. And lastly, how awesome would it have been to have baby Jake as Captain Hook in the stroller? If only it had been about 50 degrees warmer...


  1. Oh My Gosh! You guys took some funny pics!
    Loved the leaping one! ;-)


  2. Your photos are so funny! You both look so glamourous... where is the sweaty red faces?!! He he

  3. That looks like so much fun! Andre did the Halloween Half down Provo canyon a couple years ago and it is now on my bucket list. I just think a run where everyone is in costume sounds like SO much fun. You guys' costumes are adorable! That picture of Matt leaping made me laugh out loud. Seriously your husband is awesome.

  4. you guys are soo cute!! lol

  5. Leaping Matt = Hilarious


  6. Ha ha!! LOVE this! You two are so cute! :)


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