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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Half Ironman

Alternate title: My husband is a stud.

30 hours after arriving in Utah, Matt competed in his first half ironman race, The Utah Half. And he killed it! Matt completed the 70.3-mile triathlon -- 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, and 13.1-mile run -- in 5 hours and 20 minutes. Anything under six hours is considered great for the first time (think: the equivalent of a sub-4 hour marathon), so basically he blew it out of the water. Nevermind the fact that he trained at a much lower altitude, his legs had just been cramped in the car for 10 hours, he was running on a week of absolutely no sleep, and he took a wrong turn (!) during the half-marathon of a run. Clearly, he is amazing.
Aaaand now I'll stop gushing and share some pictures from the day.
Watching the sun rise over the mountains
Warming up
Starting that 1.2-mile swim in Utah Lake
Matt was part of the first group out of the water.
Transition #1. Matt likes to take his sweet time.
The little key thief! Luckily, there was an open field to let Jake run around in while we waited for Matt to ride by.
They biked through the countryside along the lake. So pretty!
Transition #2
Packing the GUs at the start of the run, and 7 miles later...
There's a lot of waiting time, so luckily we had my family to play with.
Jake's "pretend like I'm sleeping and then steal the sunglasses" routine
Looking strong coming into the finish
Half an ironman! So tired and relieved and awesome and stuff.
Oh, the joys of a post-race bum massage from a perfect stranger...
Jake approved of the finisher's medal
All this was thanks to our friends, the Killpacks, who we miss terribly! (Apparently Shaun makes a better training partner than me...)


  1. so awesome!!!
    your little man is a cutie patootie!!! oh my! :)
    love the photo of your husband carrying him over the finish line :)

  2. Matt is seriously awesome! I love that he took Jakey with him through the finish! That is so cute! And I still laugh at how long he took during his transitions and that he made a wrong turn. But he still killed it!

    Andplusalso, I love that your family went out to support Matt. He's worked so hard for it! You can tell they really love him! Plus I love your family. :) Wish we could have been there! Maybe at his full ironman?!

  3. That is SO COOL!! Congrats to him! I have another 5k this weekend. Haven't ran a timed one in a while so I'm pretty stoked =)

  4. Your hubby carrying Jake across the finish line is CLASSIC


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