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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Griffith Observatory

I've been waiting forever for the perfect weather conditions to grace a smog- and commitment-free Saturday in LA so we could head to the Griffith Observatory. Last weekend, I gave in to the realization that I could potentially wait forever for such an occurrence. We woke up on a mostly-cloudy Saturday morning, packed the diaper bag, and drove to Griffith Park -- smog and all! And you know what, it was still worth the drive.

There's something about city skylines that makes my heart happy, and the Los Angeles skyline is my favorite of all. I especially love the view from the 5, right before we turn onto the 60. We usually hit that spot at twilight and I never fail to tell Matt just how much I love this city. It's just so beautiful! It was fun to see the skyline from a higher vantage point at the observatory. Griffith Park also offers great photo ops with the Hollywood sign, for the record. In addition to the lovely views, the observatory itself is camera-ready with interesting architectural details. Inside is pretty cool, too, with an awesome planetarium, lots of interesting learning stations, and mega-powered telescopes. We want to go back to check that fancy glass out at night sometime this summer.


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous! Love everything about it :)

  2. Jake is so adorable! I love your blazer!

  3. You and your guys look absolutely gorgeous! What a view and what a beautiful family :)

  4. wonderful photos -- baby jake is soooo cuteeee!!! :)

    i looove los angeles, smog and all, haha! and i know that spot you are talking about, i love the view of the skyline from there too. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  5. Love your outfit! And these pictures. Esp the ones of matt and jake on the balcony with the skyline in the background. I need to find more things like this around my area. Teach me how to explore what's available where I live! ;)

  6. I would sell my soul to be able to pull of aviators. I would. STUPID NOSE.

    I love your outfit. I love the picutres. AND I love that jake.

  7. Darling! I love this post. Your outfit is gorgeous and so is your family!! :)


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