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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beach Volleyball at Hermosa

Last weekend was perfectly laid-back and wonderfully exciting all at the same time. That's because we spent a our Saturday with the O'Bryants, whom we hadn't seen in more than two years.
Shaun and Amber O'Bryant just PCSed** from Florida to Los Angeles AFB and we're so excited they're so close! They were our best friends during ASBC in Alabama, and then we got extra lucky when Matt and Shaun's FAM training dates coincided in Ohio. Pretty sure those TDYs were supposed to be boring, but we had all sorts of fun with Shaun and Amber. We were gym buddies, class buddies, game buddies, and travel buddies, just to name a few. Saturday was a happy reunion that included afternoon volleyball at Hermosa Beach and a delicious double-date night in Manhattan Beach. 
Jake hung out in his beach clothes while Amber and I talked babies (she's due in July!) and the boys engaged in a little competitioon. He then became Amber's biggest fan when I jumped in for a few points.
It was a lovely day.

**My siblings point out that not everyone "speaks military," so I'll try to remember to decode whenever I use common military acronyms. PCS= Permanent Change of Station, or military-required move. ASBC = Air and Space Basic Course at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama. FAM = Fundamentals of Acquisition Management, a 3-week-long course at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. TDY= Temporary Duty, or business trip. You're welcome, Sister.


  1. The picture of Jake just sitting happily on the beach warms my heart.

  2. Looks so beautiful, relaxing, fun, and WARM!

  3. Next time, can I come? Please.

    Jake is so cute, I love him, & you.


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