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Friday, March 23, 2012


The men in my life have had a busy week experimenting with new forms of transportation.

Matt learned how to fly a glider at work. Yes, he has a pretty rockin' job.
And Jake is on the verge of discovering a whole new world! He went from regular ol' scooting to army crawling...
... to getting up on all fours and lunging forward! Jake combines all of those moves with rolls and turns, and can get across the entire living room -- or simply to his goal (toy/parent/anything that looks like it might be fun to chew on) -- in no time at all. It's so much fun spending my days on the ground playing with him and showering him with kisses and praise. As you can see, Jake is quite pleased with himself as well.
It's so crazy that crawling is on the immediate horizon. My little 6-month-old is growing up so fast!


  1. Oh my goodness Ashley! I can't believe he is already scooting!! He is adorable and the perfect mix between you too. I always love to see his progress because I know little Easton is going to be right behind him soon. Can't believe our boys are already this big, gonna have to have another one to get my baby fix;) totally kidding....

  2. very cool!...Matt flying a glider!..and also your sweet baby finding a new form of his own "transportation"! He is too cute!


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