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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's no secret that Matt and I love Disneyland, so it should come as no surprise that I've dreamed of taking my own little family there for a very long time. I'm pleased to announce that as of March 10th, my life is now complete! I'm even more pleased to announce that my happy baby loves the Happiest Place on Earth.
We had the best day! Just when we thought Disneyland couldn't get any better, our baby took it to a whole new level. Jake got a kick out of all the people and characters and lights and colors (so exciting!), and we had so much fun watching him. Matt and I are so excited to take him again and again and again and again... you get the idea.

I've been horrible at sharing videos of Jake, which is really a shame. So I'll do better starting now -- here's a little glimpse at Jake's first Disneyland day.
And because Disney babies are adorable, I couldn't help but include a few pictures too. (I know, I know.)
Meeting Mickey!
Disneyland is so pretty right now!
Jake's a trooper in line.
Tigger is my favorite.
Playing by the castle.
Classic family pictures, of course.
Jakey is quite generous with kisses these days.
He loves hanging out with his Daddy.
Jake also loves eating things, like photo passes and stuffed Mickeys. And real Mickeys.
You'd be surprised at the number of rides babies can go on.
Watching World of Color!
The last time Matt and I went to Disneyland, I was 39 weeks pregnant. I love comparing that last picture with the last one in this post. Life is so happy with a Jakey in it.


  1. You have such a beautiful family! It looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  2. Aw! He is so adorable! Glad he's a Disney fan too!

  3. So dang cute!! I'm convinced that you have the happiest baby on earth! How do you make videos like that? It's probably super easy and I'm just computer illiterate huh...

  4. Looks like SO much fun! We are actually going to Disney World in May when Emmie is almost 8 months ... what rides were you able to take Jake on??


  5. It is almost ridiculous how much I love that jakey boy.

    the video makes me love him even more. ridiculous. attacking mickey was pretty classic.

  6. My Jakey is the cutest!!! I can't wait to hold him so very soon!

  7. Could Jake be any more your son? Disney is right up his alIey; I love how happy, friendly and affectionate he is. Can't wait to spoil him when you move home- loves.

  8. Oh that hat kills me! And could he smile any wider?! I'm shamefully happy you guys will be moving back, because I can't wait to see this little guy in person! I have a feeling him and Irelee will become fast friends. :)

  9. Award for CUTEST family ever goes to you

  10. The video was ADORABLE! I miss Disney *so* much -- and I've gotta say, I'm surprised there wasn't a Dole Whip purchase at some point!! :) Jake is precious, Ash!


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