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Sunday, March 4, 2012


I swear, each month just gets more and more fun with Jake. In February, he turned 5 months old, started legitimately sitting on his own for minutes at a time, went on another couple flights, fell in love with his toes, got more and more into toys and games, started eating cereal, and chatted up a storm. It was so fun! A few snippets are below.

5 months old:
Matt dropped Jake and I off at the airport, and my baby was a champ on our flights to Utah. However, he did drop the ball in one area: I told him I'd give him anything he ever wanted, ever, if he just didn't make a poopy diaper on the airplane. I'm sure Jake will someday regret not taking me up on that offer.
Jake became rather obsessed with his toes over the past month.
He still loves playing with his daddy.
His thumb has seen a bit more action recently, but he doesn't suck on it -- just sticks it in there for kicks and giggles.
Since sitting is his new favorite thing and his dad is an old favorite, Jake is happy to combine the two.
Jake was happy to show off his sitting skills via Skype.
Another new skill of Jake's is holding a bottle on his own. This is especially impressive since we rarely give him bottles.
Peek-a-boo was an excellent way to pass the time in the doctor's waiting room.
Jake gets so excited when Matt comes home from work every day. Those two are the best of buddies.
I can't get over how big my baby is getting.


  1. He is so adorable, and has such beautiful eyes!

  2. He is just getting more and more adorable! Babies are the best and life just keeps getting better when they come into it!

  3. That is such a cute little outfit! As always, I love your blog. You are a great mama!

  4. haha, that last onsie type outfit is to die for. So super cute. Great pix as always!


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