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Monday, March 26, 2012


Happy Monday, everyone!
Nicole and Jordan are in town so we just had a fun weekend in LA with the Rozsas. Aunt Coley watched Jake late Friday night so Matt and I could sneak away to the Hunger Games movie. We are happy to be on the Hunger Games bandwagon, and I actually found myself wishing you could hire a babysitter from 11 p.m. - 3 a.m. so we could have gone to the midnight movie. You saw it, right? We thought it was a great book movie overall and loved the casting (even Peeta, surprisingly) and how much detail they were able to include, but I think an extra ten minutes of relationship development could have gone a long way. And really, what's another ten minutes when a movie is already nearly 2.5 hours long? But yes, loved seeing everything come to life in the movie.
On Saturday, we visited the Griffith Observatory (more on that later) and watched basketball before heading to Laguna Beach to take Coley and Jordan's engagement pictures.
Just as we were wrapping up, a man next to us dropped to his knee and proposed! Naturally, we took stalker pictures for them and then got their e-mail addresses.
That night, we ate a delicious Mexican dinner at El Cholo.
On Sunday, we went to church, took Sunday naps, played games and just hung out. Jakey also learned how to eat play the ukulele.

Oh! And one more thing -- a little teaser:
Love those two.


  1. LOVE the stalker proposal shot. You should have asked them if they wanted a copy....

  2. We did :) We let them have a few minutes and then said congratulations, took a couple posed shots and got their e-mail addresses. We did the same for an English couple that proposed right in front of us at the Trevi in Rome. So romantic!

  3. I want to go the observatory so bad!! one day!!

  4. LOVED The Hunger Games.
    LOVE how big Jake is getting - and how literally, ADORABLE, he is with this big eyes! Oh - melts your heart!
    LOVE the engagement sneak peek - you're so talented, Ash!
    Also, LOVE you. :)

  5. I love this couple also and can't wait to celebrate with them coming right up! These long waits, make it all the better!

  6. Oh my gosh; the photos of the airman and his fiancee ?? ADORABLE!!

  7. I simply cannot wait, cannot wait for the rest. I'm sure they cannot wait to be married.

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful ash. holy holy.

    I can wait a long time to watch the hunger games though:)

  8. Such a lovely weekend :) I'm so excited to see the rest of the pictures! Thanks again for all you did Ash! You rock.

  9. I don't comment often enough. I read and love every post! I just had to tell you that those engagements are stunning!! Great, great job!


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