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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pi(e) Party

Happy Pi Day yesterday! A few other Air Force lieutenant wives and I had a lovely time celebrating the nerdy holiday with a full-blown Pi(e) Party.
It started out by us just booking the date for a simple girl's night, but then we realized that March 14th was 3.14 and, well, I couldn't help but get all hostess-y and upgrade the evening. In the end, we had a great time just hanging out, eating sugar and chatting (mostly about all of our impending moves!). The dessert table featured a few different pies in unique forms -- apple pies baked in apples, bite-size chocolate cream pies, mini cherry pies, whoopie pies, delicious mini s'mores pies (not pictured, sadly), and a classic banana cream pie. Links to recipes can be found beneath the corresponding pictures. Thanks again for the fun night, ladies!
Darcy, Megan, me, Meredith, Jessica and Sam. Darcy and Megan both have babies younger than Jake, and they look amazing!
Banana Cream Pie: Graf family favorite. This recipe is similar.
Apple Pie: Instructions can be found here. Best served warm with vanilla ice cream. Matt missed the gooey part of the pie filling, so we might experiment a bit more next time.
Cherry Pie: A spur-of-the-moment creation sans recipe.
Whoopie Pies: Graf family favorite recipe ("Brookies") for the chocolate cookies. To die for. I used this recipe for the filling, but found it to be super runny although delicious. Next time, I'd add more powdered sugar and use less butter.
Chocolate Cream Pie: Bite-sized inspiration found here. I just swapped out the banana pudding for chocolate pudding, and then really turned into a cheater and used regular ol' whipped cream instead.

In true nerd fashion, a picture demonstrating Pi (3.1415....)
And because no post would be complete without Jake, here's my little helper:
It was a happy day in my kitchen -- and belly! -- for sure.


  1. Wait - you made all those pies YOURSELF!?! You are amazing!!! Everything looks so good. That would've been such a fun day spent in the kitchen! I love making treats.

    All day yesterday I was honestly thinking about the fact that it was pie day and wishing that I had a pie party to go to. Last year we did. Anyway, now I am living vicariously through you. :)

  2. Also - where are your pants from? I LOVE them! I really want to get some brightly colored pants this spring. Such a cute trend! It makes me so happy! I wish I could collect a whole bunch of colors. :)


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