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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beverly Hills Farmers Market

At the corner of Third and Fairfax lies the longest-running farmers market in the LA area. It's conveniently located right next to The Grove, so we popped in for a quick visit after doing a little damage at Baby Gap. (Extra 40% off of everything? Don't mind if I do.) It was, predictably, the most commercialized farmers market I've ever seen, but it had a fantastic selection of overpriced food nonetheless. There were fresh fruits and veggies galore, cuisine from around the world, plenty of sweets, and lots of touristy shops. In the end, we played it safe with some Pinkberry, because sometimes frozen yogurt just sounds best.


  1. The California sun looks so nice. We look forward to it on our vacation in April. Loved the Pi Day post. Of course I celebrated it with my students, but oatmeal creme pies were the best I could do for 190 kids.

  2. Ashley! I am in desperate need of help!! You said after feeding your baby a bottle for two days that he preferred a bottle afterwards. Well, the same thing has just happened to me and my baby is downstairs crying because she won't latch on. What did you do??? Please e-mail me asap! lauren_jones55@hotmail.com


  3. Love the final photo of Jake & Matt!

  4. ahhhh, looks like a nice sunshine day! Right now in Utah it is in the middle of a snow blizzard. It started this afternoon with big snow flakes and isn't done with it's treat yet. It sure is pretty though. Glad I can view it from indoors! :) I love the pics you posted, what a fun time with your cute family!


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