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Friday, September 18, 2009

War Eagle. I mean, welcome to the S.E.C.

Well, ya'll, I guess we won't be cheering for the Crimson Tide anytime soon.

Matt and I officially declared our loyalties in the infamous Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry by masquerading as hard-core Auburn fans when the Tigers took on Mississippi State last weekend. It was our first live S.E.C experience, and we were not disappointed!
In true football fan fashion, we (Matt, me, Shaun & Amber) arrived on campus 4.5 hours prior to kickoff. Literally every open space within a 3-mile radius of Jordan Hare Stadium had been taken over by tailgaters! This sign seemed to communicate the feelings shared by every Auburn fan:

"Priorities: God, Family, USA, Auburn Football."
Two hours before kickoff, everyone gathered on the streets for the Tiger Walk -- an awesome tradition where about 20,000(!) fans welcome the team to the stadium.
Come game time, Jordan Hare was rocking with 87,000 fans decked out in orange & blue. (Even the girly girls were wearing blue & orange sundresses.) Check out the full stands and everyone cheering--and this is during the PREgame!
Needless to say, it was an AWESOME game atmosphere full of great football teams, fans and traditions. Of course, the biggest tradition at Auburn is the battle cry "War Eagle." Not only is it the unofficial motto found in the fight song and on orange t-shirts everywhere, but War Eagle is their end-all, be-all substitute for everyday phrases such as "Go Auburn," "Yeah Tigers," "Hello, how are you?," and "Hope you have a lovely evening." Seriously.

It's also used as their kickoff cheer (best I've ever heard):

As for the game itself, Auburn gave quite the performance with a rather convincing win (49-24. War Eagle). Not surprising considering that their new offensive coordinator is the same mastermind who shocked my own Cougars at Tulsa 2 years ago. And they have former BYU assistant coach Jeff Grimes coaching the O-line. Go figure.After the game, traffic was full of frat boys, soccer moms, and old men alike declaring War Eagle again and again in honor of the victory. We decided to get in on the action, of course, and didn't let a single person or open car window go by without bonding through the battle cry. This continued all the way to the Wendy's by the freeway. We ordered 4 Frosty's, she gave us the total, and Shaun replied, "Alright. War Eagle." Then we pulled up to the window, paid our money, and took our Frosty's... which were only half full!?
"Roll Tide," the Wendy's worker explained.

And THAT, my friends, is S.E.C. football.


  1. FABULOUS!!! That's all I have to say!!

  2. Sounds SO exciting! I totally remember high school football days when you explained to me how the game was even played:) HAHA such fun memories, now I know a thing or two more about it then I did back then! I've done ya proud :)
    Much loves,

  3. I've always thought it was amazing that you are such a sports fan!...And with that one trait... I want you to know that you are every guy's dream! Haha! Jay still is waiting for me to figure out Football...and basketball....and golf....and even our favorite card game..SCUM!! Haha! I am not competitive and so I kinda just enjoy random things about the games...like halftime....the consession stand....watching Jay get so in to the game....watching the crowd....and oh, ya, trying to figure out how the game is played!!!

  4. I loved the Wendy's story! Too hilarious!

  5. Ya, I don't get half of this...which I'm sure you expected. Hehe!


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