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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The shoe fits!

Ever since I can remember, I've wished I was just a little older.
(I think it comes with the territory for a second child.)

I especially hated telling people my age over the past few years, though. As an 18-year-old college junior and then 19-year-old senior, I felt so far removed from the typical connotations associated with those numbers. Consequently, I avoided the age question by responding with my school status: "Oh, I'm senior over at BYU." Awkward, no? It wasn't much better as a 20- or 21-year-old young professional.

But somehow 22 just sounds different.

And, for once, I think it fits :-)


  1. HAPPY 22nd Birthday Ashley!!!

  2. How interesting!....finally I meet someone who is like me!! I have ALWAYS (and still do) feel those same feelings as you...wanting to be OLDER! I don't know why for sure??? But, it's the way I've always felt. But, sounds like you are finding a shoe that fits! I still havn't. I'm 36 and I still can't wait to be OLDER!!! Jay (and everyone else) thinks I'm wierd for this! Hey, happy birthday Ash!!! You are so cute! 22 is a good 'ol age too! :)

  3. Yeah! Happy Birthday! I don't have your # anymore, so I'm going to need to get that sometime. Anyway, you're too cute...did you know that? I think 22 is a fabulous fit for ya!

  4. Happy Birthday Ash! I totally know how you feel! Oh and side note-Lizzy came in and wants to go to lunch when you come visit.


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