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Thursday, September 24, 2009

White sands in the gulf shores

Our dear Mikey Bear is at pilot school in Pensacola, Florida (lucky duck)...
which is conveniently just 2.5 hours away from Montgomery (lucky us!).
So, of course, we headed down a couple weekends ago to visit Mike and the sunny skies, sugary white sands & clear blue water in the gulf shores.

I love California beaches, but it sure was nice to swim in warm ocean water for once!

Matt & Mike were back to their usual antics and had a blast goofing around together.
They make me laugh.


  1. oh i love the beach & warm ocean water is so tempting! Plus the sand there looks soo soft. Where'd you get your swimsuit? its super cute!

  2. Oh, that's so fun! I feel like I've just had a mini vacation from my day just looking at those pics!! Thanks!

  3. Hey Stacie! I got my swimsuit at Boston Proper on clearance for $19.99 instead of $109! Aren't those deals the best?

  4. I am from Pensacola and now I live in SoCal. I miss that warm water but I don't miss the jellyfish :)


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