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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Wedding, Part II: Wasatch Room

Our dinner was held that evening on the tenth floor of the
Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the beautiful Wasatch Room,
which has incredible views of both the city and the mountains.

A few of the details:

(My bouquet was wrapped with a handkerchief my dad's grandmother made for me,
and accented by a gorgeous brooch that belonged to my mom's grandmother.)

(Each table was named after a place that was meaningful to our courtship.
The seating chart led to the tables, and then each guest had a personal note as their place card.)

(The Wasatch Room has a large alcove near the entrance, which we used to display
parents' and grandparents' wedding pictures.)

Our lovely guests after dinner:

The groom singing to the bride:
(Check out the pretty view behind him!)

Cutting the cake:

Dancing with my dad:

Our first dance:

Last but not least--the Arch of Sabers:
(A military officer tradition that symbolizes safe passage in married life for the couple.)

***The iconic picture of the Arch of Sabers is of the kiss with the last set of swords crossed in front of the couple. Our photographer didn't catch it, so if any of you did, PLEASE let me know! You'll be my hero forever :-)***


  1. So beautiful! I love all the details and the photos. Your album will be an amazing story of your wedding.

  2. give me your email address ok. I'm going private this time. I never seem to get it right, but it should work now. thanks!

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous. That was such a beautiful day! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of it!

  4. Loved the pics and it made me feel like I was there! Thanks!


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