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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Then comes a baby...

... shower for my big sister! April's sweet baby girl is due any day now, and the sooner the better! (No pressure, sis, but everyone agrees with me. Including your husband.) So to feed our family's baby fever a bit, I figured I'd post April's shower that we threw oh, THREE days before the wedding. I was possibly more excited about planning this shower than I was about planning our receptions.

April, who is currently a grad student at James Madison, loves to read.

Naturally, the shower was themed around children's books:

A couple of the games we played:

The shower in action: (that'd be the proud papa deep in thought over game #1)

No shower is complete without adorable little baby clothes:

And, of course, a picture of the party planners with the mom-to-be:

Can't wait to welcome the 6th Graf girl to the family :-)


  1. Ah! You tricked me with the title! Lol.
    What a cute baby shower! You girls are so creative!!! I love the family pic at the end!

  2. when i read the title i thought to myself you guys didn't waste any time! haha. good one :) the shower you threw for your sister was so cute! that is such a fun idea to base it around children's books. very cute shower!

  3. Ashley! That baby shower for April was perfectly amazing! What a creative touch! I'm so glad you took pics the way you did! I can't wait for april's baby to come!!!!!!!!!!!


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