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Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Wedding, Part III: Bridals & Groomals

Did any other brides else feel extremely awkward with the idea of taking hundreds of "wedding" pictures of just yourself? I was all for the whole groomal concept... if only it didn't require sacrificing the traditional not-seeing-the-bride/dress-before-the-wedding ritual. The solution? I took regular bridals before the wedding for the mommas and the poppas and groomals afterward for, well, us.

See, we didn't want all of our official wedding pictures--coming out of the temple, with our families, etc.--to scream "military" on the off-chance that we don't stay with the Air Force for very long. (Hence Matt wearing the classic black suit for that occasion.) At the same time, though, the military is a big part of our lives and the Air Force tux (ironically called "mess dress") is so timeless and meaningful that we still wanted to have a few pictures with it at the temple. Groomals fulfilled that need quite nicely.

Pre-wedding bridals by McKenzie (our wedding photographer):

Post-wedding groomals by Laci (our sister-in-law):


  1. I love the picture with your roses by your green eyes the colors look stunning!

  2. You two are absolutely GORGEOUS together, it's not fair to the rest of us!!! I hope you guys are enjoying the traveling life and enjoying different parts of the country. We miss you guys soooo much, I really wish you could have come here to visit! You never text back anymore :(
    Anyway, love you guys!! Keep in touch.

  3. Ali! My phone must be struggling because everyone says that lately but I'm not getting hardly any texts! We're switching providers next week so hopefully I'll have better luck with that soon :-) Miss you, my dear!

  4. Well I am glad you're not ignoring me because I miss you like crazy... it's so weird not talking to you or seeing you a lot. I am glad you're switching providers, hopefully we can keep in touch more now!! Tell Matt hi for us, we REALLY miss you guys!

  5. I felt exactly the same way about bridals... so awkward! Then I got the pictures back and I was like, "I hate all of these!" Haha. Your pictures are beautiful! Your photographer did an awesome job.

  6. A few items of busines...
    1. you are so gorgeous.
    2. who did your bridals? I want to put them on reserve until I get married when I'm 48.
    3. I'm sad I didn't get to say goodbye to you! Please come visit again soon.
    4. I maybe have a tiny, unharmful crush on your husband. Well... mostly on your marriage.

    I think that's everything.
    I'm glad we're blog friends!! (insert very obnoxious smiley face here, if you wish.)

  7. Love the whole wedding thing and it brought back so many awesome memories. I got to go with Angie to have her Bridals and it was one of those mom moments that you never forget. AW.....

  8. Great Pictures. I wish we had wedding pictures like this. We chose the cheap route and ended up paying for it.


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