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Monday, July 30, 2012


Balboa is one of our favorite, all-in-one locations in Southern California. Great beach, good pier, unique shopping, fun activities and yummy treats. What more could you ask for? Naturally, when my family was in town, we had to spend a day in Balboa. This was at the very beginning of June and at the end of Jake's 8th month, and happened to be the day he officially took his first steps! Excellent choice of location, Jakey.

We dug our toes in the sand, played in the water, built castles, hit up the ferris wheel, enjoyed Balboa Bars, and rode the ferry across Newport Harbor as the sun set. Then, to top the day off, we cleared the shelves at Sprinkles Cupcakes. Not a bad day :)
Jumping the waves!
Ah, and then it was naptime.
Jakey waving! He reserves that little trick for my parents and my parents alone. Go figure :)
Once he figured out he could walk alone, there was no more staying still!
Well, except to eat ice cream (a Balboa Bar). He can pause for that.


  1. What more can I add? Balboa was beautiful, eclectic, and so much fun (Jakey's first steps!) ... the red velvet cupcake topped it all off :)

    p.s. Did I also mention my future husband was there? Tall, dark, and European... you might of noticed the birds singing, and heaven opening, the planets aligning , that sort of thing :)

  2. You're making me want to move to California! Such beautiful pictures. And sprinkles? Well, you know how I feel about sprinkles. Be still, my beating heart!


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