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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today was nothing special or out of the ordinary.

Jake and I played inside all day to escape the 107-degree heat. Around 4:30, he heard the garage door and fast-toddled to greet his daddy, and then the three of us embraced said heat at the swimming pool. After a solid hour of kicking and splashing, we came home and started on dinner. Matt grilled Hawaiian chicken while I prepared the sides and Jake helped empty the lid drawer. After that, it was baths, stories, snuggles and bedtime for Jakey. With our new-found adult-only freedom, Matt and I watched the news, got in our PJs and then cleaned our bathroom together (how romantic!). As we were putting everything away, I spotted a yummy salt scrub and recruited Matt to join me, so we climbed onto our counter and chatted about our day. And then I paused for a second and thought, I love my life.

It really is all in the little things, you know?
Look at those tired baby eyes! And that taste of dinner on his lips :)


  1. Haha, my husband would be MORTIFIED if I posted a picture of him exfoliating any part of his body on the internet. He does do pedicures with me, but that's supposed to be a "secret." ;) Too funny!

  2. I love, love, LOVE the picture of Jake with a little mohawk action. Too cute.

    Some of my absolute favorite moments with my husband come in the form of quiet conversation - when nothing else is around to interrupt (ie - football on TV ... :)).

    So glad for this post. It's all sunshiney and happy. :)


  3. Adult only conversations after the kids are in bed are sacred! Did you know you need at least 20 minutes of connect time with your spouse everyday? It's critical to a successful marriage. So keep up the good work lady!

    And yes I want to live by you and plan parties with you every month. That would be a dream.


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