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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nicole and Jordan: California Reception

Coley and Jordan saved the best for last with their California reception. Talk about a party! They had a dance floor, live DJ, photo booth, wishing stones, candy bar, fruit table, all-you-can-eat rainbow chip cupcakes, a taco guy (!), and did I mention the dance floor?

Dancing at our wedding reception is one of my favorite memories ever, and it turns out that dancing at a sibling's wedding rocks, too. My family and Jordan's family are BFFs, so we partied the night away together on that dance floor -- including a family-only Hitch credits-style routine. Another highlight was the Backstreet Boys "performance" that we choreographed as a trampoline dance in elementary school and taught to the party on the spot. You guys. It was so. much. fun!
End pose to the family dance.
Jordan's favorite food.
Tossing the bouquet!
You have to own the macarena.
The YMCA, natch.
Larger than Life, my friends. You only wish you knew the moves.
Dancing to our wedding song while our sweet baby slept on the sidelines. So perfect.


  1. Oh man. That looks like SO much fun. One regret I have from our wedding day was that we didn't have dancing! Well, we had a few slow songs but that was all I could convince my shy husband and family to do. No one else wanted to dance except me! I really regret that; it would've been sooo much fun. I will live vicariously through you and hope that one day my husband will warm up to the idea of "fast-dancing". Haha. But yes this definitely looked like a party, and so much fun. I'm glad you all had such a great time!

  2. The decorations are to die for! So clean, simple yet they pop. It looks like y'all had the time of your live!

  3. I seriously LOVE the family photo after the family dance! Hilarious! Also thought the hanging lanterns were a very creative touch! Looks like you guys had a BLAST!!

  4. GORGEOUS photos!! What a perfect wedding :) And your little man looks adorrrrable in his little tux!

  5. Wowee everything looks so perfect! Looks like that was not the party to miss! Is there any video of the dancing? I'd love to see! I heart Backstreet Boys :D

  6. It was so fun! Stacie- I think my parents might have a couple clips of the dancing, but sadly, I don't think our Larger than Life routine was recorded. I'll gladly perform it for you in the future hahaha.

    And Ang- Your reception was so beautiful, though! I don't think it was missing anything :) Matt and my philosophy for fast dancing tends to be the crazier/more embarrassing, the better. We just have fun with it, and figure it probably looks ridiculous and that's okay. But then we went to church with the Rozsas the next weekend and had a couple different people come up to compliment Matt's dancing skills. We laughed because we thought they were being kidding, but then they told us they were serious, so we laughed harder haha. Maybe that can give Klane a little fast-dancing boost :)

  7. That looked like an amazing event! The Roza's are quite the party throwers! Looked like everyone was having a blast, and no shy dancers there. I think Angie is right, our family may not be able to pull that one off. So Glad the two families get along so great and your mom said that they were the perfect hosts all while getting ready for Stake Conference!

  8. LOVE the colors & decor!!! So cute.


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