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Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 months

You know those moms who cry every time their baby turns a week older? I didn't get it. And then my baby turned 10 months old and I wanted to cry. Ten is such a big number! I mean, it is two digits. Two! You might as well call him a one-year-old. And buy him a car while you're at it.

In all seriousness, my baby boy is growing up way too fast. Where has all the time gone? Can't it just come back and slow down a little? Matt and I have already scheduled movers from our beloved first house here in California where we started our lives and brought our first baby home. I don't even want to talk about it. So I won't. Instead, I'll tell you about my little 10(!)-month-old who is running around the house all day and almost sleeping through the night. Hallelujah!
Jakey started walking at the end of 8-months and spent his whole 9-month age showing off (and loving the attention). In the beginning, he took off running quite literally without bothering to fully figure out balance. He'd just go and go and go until he fell. Then he decided he was falling too much, so he slowed down and spent a couple days just standing around, then taking a couple steps, pausing to check himself, then two more steps, etc. It helped tremendously and soon enough Jake was walking around non-stop. He all but sprints  (fast-toddles?) to the garage when he hears Matt come home. His walking stance is my favorite -- two hands up in touchdown stance; one often holding a teddy bear. The toddle kills me with its cuteness! Someday I'll post videos... Someday.
He had a happy, busy month in which he played with human friends, played with stuffed friends, and chased down every furry barking friend he could find. Jake "read" books aloud to himself, had apparently very funny conversations with his bear, started waving (mostly just to my parents, the chosen ones), cut his first tooth, and got into all sorts of mischief. He enjoyed adventures at the beach, on the dry lake bed, and all over California. Some babies might have struggled with the 9-day roadtrip up the Pacific Coast Highway, but Jakey loved it. (And so did his parents! Can't wait to share when we're settled.) Well, he loved everything but having to hold our hands when walking in public. Couldn't we see that he could obviously do it on his own? Parents can be so rude sometimes. 
I have a baby picture almost exactly like this. Big eyes and all!
That toothless smile!
Four-wheeling on the dry lake bed.
He is a little beach lover, that one.
Napping on our favorite family beach.
A backyard swing!!! So perfect.
He now plays the piano multiple times a day. It's the greatest.
Jake showing off his waving skills, and getting ready to ride the waves! (Okay, not just yet...)
Jake was in the middle of a full conversation with his bear and was laughing non-stop!
Jake loves dogs. I mean, he LOVES dogs.
Oh, the messes we've made...
Swinging in Santa Barbara
Jakey finally met his Uncle Spencer AND went to his first baseball game. Go Giants!
Sitting in a high chair the normal way is so overrated.
Jakey giggled the whole time he "read" this book. That silly bird gets him every time.
Road trip pit stops are the best!
Along the Pacific Coast Highway.
And did I mention that he finally -- FINALLY! -- became a decent sleeper? I did? Well, it deserves mentioning twice. I now get 5-6.5 straight hours of sleep a night (for the first time since before Jake was born) AND get to take a shower in the morning. I feel like a whole new human. Cheers to that!


  1. Oh I just love him! He sure has grown up a lot these past two months! I cannot wait to see him next week! I just want to snuggle him. Although I don't think he would want that. Haha He will probably be more interested in little Emmy!

  2. It goes by all too quickly. I still have a hard time grasping that I'm a mother to a 9 and 7 year old.

    I would also like to submit my request now that you and Matt make more cute babies.

  3. he's jus a little man these days isn't he? And i agree with the above order for "more cute babies". ;o)

  4. You have the cutest baby ever!! Any how is it that he is smiling in every picture and looking at the camera?? I think he must like it. :)

  5. ASHLEY. He is so, so stinking cute. If it makes you feel any better, I feel like he's growing up really slowly. Haha. Is that weird? I think you've done a great job of documenting his little life that I feel like he's been around longer than 10 months!

  6. Such a big boy and so handsome! Time is flying by too fast, I can't believe it.

  7. Cute little Jake and so Happy. I love the arms up running steps. Each little one has such unnique and wonderful qualities. Hey I like your blog header, but are you going to have to change that soon?

  8. Haha! Oh Tobi and Krysta, don't you think it's a little soon for that? :)

    Ang- That definitely makes me feel better.

    Sharla- Hey thanks! Haha, and yes I will! I've had this one hanging around for awhile and figured I might as well still upload it while I can. Then again, Say Yes to Hoboken lives in San Francisco, so maybe re-naming blogs is overrated after all... :)

  9. Loved this post. He's such a cutie! Hopefully Tasha & him will get to play much more now that we'll only be a state away from each other.

  10. What is your favorite beach? Jake sure is growing up fast! What a cutie! I do love the new blog header- it looks really california-ish!

  11. Maybe it's because I've watched him grow through a blog, but I have never seen a baby grow so fast.


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