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Friday, January 18, 2013

Grand Scavenger Hunt

Every year, the Grand America -- Salt Lake City's only 5-star hotel -- hosts a little scavenger hunt with their indoor holiday windows. The theme is different every year, but the reward is the same: fresh-baked cookies from their yummy bakery.

This holiday season's theme was Christmas around the world. Each window was decorated to reflect the holidays in a different country and had "Merry Christmas" in that country's language on display. Somewhat more hidden within each window was the name of the country, and the goal was to find the name and match it with the corresponding "Merry Christmas" inside the little "passports" that were provided. Once all 20-something countries had been identified, we took our passports to the bakery for a delicious treat. My little brothers loved it, as did my own little boy. Jake thoroughly enjoyed wandering the long hallways and taking in all the lights and colors (he kept saying "wow!" for all the chandeliers). And eating the cookie. You Utahns will have to check it out next year!

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