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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Remember when Matt and I went skydiving? That was awesome. We'd love to do it again someday! So when we found a killer deal on indoor skydiving, we thought it might tide us over for a little bit. We spent a Saturday morning at the iFly, and even though it wasn't actually like the real deal, flying around in a wind tunnel was really fun in and of itself! And going on any date with my husband? That's pretty awesome, too.
And want to hear how far behind I am on this blog? This was in November. But! I'll be all caught up in the couple weeks, so hooray!


  1. Whaaa how have I never seen that sky diving vid? So. Awesome.

  2. How did we not talk about this when you were at my house?!??!??? This is awesome!!


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