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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Central Park

Everyone knows you can't go to New York without stopping by Central Park. After church on Sunday, we bundled up, hopped on the subway and headed out for a stroll. We let Jake be our guide, which led to a lot of puppy-watching and playing in the leaves. Jake got a kick out of tossing the leaves in the air! He just giggled nonstop and was in toddler heaven. It was such a happy little afternoon outing.


  1. He as grown so much!!! I've been away from blogger for awhile, are you guys stationed in NY now? I would LOVE to visit NY in the fall...I bet it's BEAUTIFUL!

    1. I wish! We just flew out there for a little holiday trip at the beginning of December. I've been to NYC during the peak of fall as the leaves were changing, too, and you're right -- it's gorgeous!


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