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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Newsies the Musical

I was five years old when Newsies premiered. I was eight years old when my sisters and I became obsessed with the movie, its music, and its Jack Kelly. Funnily enough, April and I were in a singing and dancing group at the time, and one of our big performances was to Carrying the Banner. The fact that I was ever in any singing group of any kind is so hilarious now, considering the fact that I would be one of those wretched singers that gets put through to the American Idol judges just for entertainment value. I mean, my voice maybe isn't that bad, but close. But I digress.

The point here is that my siblings and I have been part of the Newsies fan club for like 17 years, so when Disney decided to make it into a Broadway musical, we had no choice but to see it. In the name of being cheesy and awesome, we donned our newsboy caps and headed over to the Theater District to watch all of our childhood dreams come true. (My cousin Angie was nice enough to watch Jake so Matt, Heidi, Krysta and I could all go to the play together. Thanks again, Ang!) The dancing was incredible, Jack Kelly was perfect, and we, as dedicated children of the 90's, loved it. Now all we need is a Backstreet Boys concert and our lives will be complete.
Isn't he a cute little Newsie?
Because what is intermission for, if not to take cheesy pictures and buy overpriced drinks?

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