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Friday, January 25, 2013

Around NYC

A few final shots from our fun trip in NYC -- touring around, getting around, eating around, and hanging around!
Times Square. (Obviously.)

Lots of luggage on the subway to Angie's!

Matt probably carried Jake up more than one thousand subway stairs during our trip. I tried my hand at it a couple times, and lets just say I'd have killer arms if we lived in New York. Major props to all those city moms!

Jake's first cab ride.

Shake Shack burgers, concretes and fries, and the famed Lombardi's pizza.

"We be roastin' peeps!"
Early morning puppy videos while everyone else (but mommy) is sleeping.
Brooklyn Bridge
And then resting on the flight back home.


  1. Lovely trip! I really like the pic of the subway moving by in the background.

  2. WE BE ROASTIN PEEPS!! This makes me so happy. Your pictures are beautiful and make my heart all aflutter.


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