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Sunday, January 27, 2013


No winter would be complete without a few good runs down a sledding hill!
We took Jake out sledding for the first time with my family a couple weeks ago and he loved it! He giggled all the way down the hill and clapped in approval at the bottom every single time. It's amazing how that little guy can bring so much more joy to an already-loved activity. We all had so much fun!
Matt and Jake make the same candid faces all the time lately, and it's my favorite.


  1. I loved wathcing your mom and dad at churh yesterday with baby Jake! OH and at the party on Saturday night. They could just eat him up and it was fun to watch all the brothers try and get him for even just a second before he scampered back to Grandma, or Grandpa. I loved that! What a beautiful family you have.

  2. Aw he's so adorable when he claps down the hill.

  3. Jake is so cute! I´m a big fan of your blog even being from so far away and now also living far away!


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