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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas in NYC: Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Center

The number one and two most important things we wanted to accomplish on our NYC holiday trip were to see the Rockefeller Center tree and go ice skating somewhere iconic. We knocked them both off the list at the Rockefeller Plaza. On that Saturday night, we braved the crazy crowds with Jake, Heidi and Krysta to see the fabled tree. It was big and bright and beautiful and such a fun welcome to the Christmas season. We loved all the lights, flags, toy soldiers and angels surrounding the plaza, and we soaked it all in for nearly an hour. After we'd had our fill, we said goodbye to the crowds and continued with our holiday window walk down 5th Avenue.

Matt and I returned alone on a much quieter Monday to skate around on the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink. It was, ridiculously, a dollar a minute for the two of us -- and it was worth every penny. Skating underneath the twinkling lights of a larger-than-life Christmas tree, just the two of us holding hands and laughing in our own little world in the midst of a big, crazy city... it was magical. Sometimes, when Hollywood tells you to do something, you should listen.
Someone proposed on the ice while we were there! I'm willing to bet that it cost him a pretty penny.


  1. Wow that looks like so much fun! You got some pretty incredible pictures. So fun reading about all your adventures in NY!

  2. Looks magical! =)
    I've always daydreamed about ice skating there!

    =) Brooke


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