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Monday, June 18, 2012

USAFA Grad Week, Round Two: Commissioning

The night before an Air Force Academy graduation is a formal affair consisting of a commissioning ceremony for each squadron and a graduation ball for the seniors and their guests. Read all about it here. Our dear friend Steve Hendricks commissioned Matt three years ago and drove from Florida to commission Jordan. It was a lovely evening!
The Hendricks family and their cadets.
After the ceremony, we walked across the Terrazzo to Arnold Hall for the ball. We indulged in the classic USAFA dance chocolate fountain and then hit the dance floor. I had dreams of repeating Matt's graduation ball and dancing all night. Sadly, that only lasted one song for the three of us due to a tired baby and a queasy husband. We wound up in the parking lot where Jake practiced walking and Matt threw up twice. Not exactly what we had planned! My poor husband then sat next to the toilet all night and still made it to Jordan's graduation the next morning. He is such a trooper. And yes, that means the graduation post is coming up next!


  1. I love your blog, even though you don't know me :), but I do have a random question.

    Does your husband know Adam Otten? He graduated from the USAFA in 2009 as well.

  2. Throwing up in the parking lot, feeling queasy... Maybe Matt is pregnant...?

    All jokes aside, it looks like you had an awesome time. It's so cool Matt and Jordan have the same connections. How fun to relive this whole experience!

  3. I love your white dress! Where did you get it from?


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