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Saturday, June 2, 2012


This is the story of why Matt and I had to go parasailing in Catalina.
In May of 2007, my roommate Alicia and I went on a cruise. Our first stop was in San Diego, and that night, I made a one-hour phone call to my then-boyfriend Matt. After hanging up the cell phone (which showed regular ol' service, might I add), I turned to my roomie and said, "I think I love him." That, along with the $500 bill that those 60-minutes of cell service pinging off a cruise ship incurred (oops), have forever cemented the $500 phone call in mine and Matt's relationship. Figuring out/finally admitting I was actually in love was worth every single penny!

The next day, our cruise ship stopped in Catalina. Alicia and I wandered the quaint little streets and stopped into the cute touristy shops of Avalon. Then, Alicia decided she wanted to go parasailing. I did, too, but my poor, starving, airplane-ticket-buying college student self decided I'd save that money and that experience for Matt. One day, we'd go to Catalina together and would go parasailing together, and we'd love it together. And sure enough, almost exactly five years later, we did just that!

Parasailing is so fun and relaxing, and the views are incredible. I loved having everything come full circle in a way as I floated hundreds of feet above the ocean with my handsome husband. I'm in love with him, you know.
THE $500 phone call of love.
Getting our feet wet! (Luckily, no great white sharks decided to jump up and eat us. They jump, you know. And I'm terrified of sharks, remember? K, good.)


  1. You are so lucky to go. You have to take me Ashley. I'm begging you

  2. How fun!! How do you do such fun things, having a baby? Will he sleep anywhere? My little one would definitely NOT have it! Even going to my parents house she is not the same baby as she is when we're home. I'm jealous!

  3. That story about your early dating and phone call (and the cute pic of little Ashley!) made me really happy. You guys are so great together. And how cool would parasailing be?! That looks so fun.

  4. Oh Lauren, our travel schedule most definitely messes with our baby's sleep patterns. But he's traveled so much that he does really well with it! Jake loves a good party. I think the instability of it hurts the at-home time more than the vacation time (I blame our crazy schedule entirely for his lack of sleeping through the night). But we've made the semi-conscious decision that enjoying our last summer weekends here is worth the sleepless weeknights in between. Yes, we are crazy.

  5. Jake is just a great baby on trips! I was entirely surprised. (But then again, not really. Because I've always known he was/is a great a baby!)
    Those pictures seriously turned out so great! Now I'm officially jealous we didn't embark on that adventure. However, that nap was definitely needed! Thank goodness Jakey slept the entire time!


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