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Friday, June 22, 2012


It was so not even funny at all, that it's actually kind of funny.
In the week leading up until Jordan and Nicole's wedding, both of our entire families caught the flu. And not just any flu, but the most violent, horrific, awful, persistent flu ever. I don't know if it's possible to make you truly appreciate just how horrific this was. We are talking eighteen people here. Eighteen! And we're not talking just any old week. This was Jordan's graduation in Colorado and their wedding in Utah that we'd been looking forward to for 2.5 years. All the travel, all the events, all the anticipation, all the preparation, all the excitement... We'd waited so long for this! And we were dropping like flies.

It wasn't for lack of quarantining the sick or sanitizing the heck out of everything within a one mile radius of said sick or trying every old wives' tale in the book. We figured out that people were contagious and infected others with this before they even showed symptoms themselves. It was a lost cause. First, it was the little neighborhood friend. Then it was my little brother. Then it was all of my brothers. Then it was me and my sweet baby. Then it was my husband, parents and sister. Then it was the entire Rozsa clan. Jordan's mom, Melissa, was throwing up after the open house on the night before the wedding. You guys. It was crazy.

But guess what? Jordan and Nicole were the only two out of the twenty of us that never got sick. Talk about having prayers answered! The wedding day came, and all was well with everyone. We believe in miracles -- even little ones on wedding days.


  1. oh , yes, that truly was a miracle! I remember you all getting ready to pose for this picture! I love the Masks! But, you're right...it seriously wasn't a funny thing at the time and it was a TOTAL miracle that Jordan and Nicole stayed well through it all. We loved being there and helping to celebrate the happy couple!

  2. So gross;)

    So gald your sister & that husband of hers were spared.

  3. I LOVE all of these pictures. This is really off topic but can you reccomend a birth photographer that is here in SL?

  4. I survived as well! So happy Nicole and Jordan didn't get the bug


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