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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Best Friend's Wedding

Our Mikey Bear got married!
The first stop on our crazy-long, crazy-eventful trip was the Salt Lake Temple for Mike and Aimee's wedding. Matt and Mike have been best friends for a solid decade now and we are so happy to see him so happy! Aimee is everything we ever wanted for him and more, and we are so excited for a lifetime of couples' cruises with them. And really, aren't they the most beautiful couple? We love you, Mr. and Mrs. Reeder!
After the ceremony, Mike's little nephew Mont ran up to give Mike a pretzel. So adorable.
Mike has a beautiful family! This is his sister Molly, his sister-in-law (and my new friend) Jayci, and his cute niece Emmy.
Another one of Matt's best friends, Anthony, got to come play with us for a few days around the wedding! It was awesome.

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  1. I love this! You got 'the pretzel moment' just perfectly!! :) You really are a beautiful person Ashley - inside and out! I'm so impressed with your little Jakey too.. walking at 8 months? He must want to go running with you asap! ;)


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