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Monday, June 4, 2012

When Daddy comes home

Jake's favorite part of the day -- by far -- is when his daddy walks in the door. His ears perk up when he hears the garage door, and as soon as he hears Matt's voice, the I'm-so-excited-I'm-almost-hyperventilating begins. (You'll see what I mean.) Jake hurries to Matt as fast as he can and keeps hyperventilating until he's in his daddy's arms. Sometimes, when Matt pauses to take off his boots and whatnot first, the extra wait is pure torture for our little guy. As soon as Matt is holding him, Jake is all content and smiles as he prepares for the games to begin. Life's a party with Daddy around.
(Video taken on May 1st.)


  1. This is so sweet! You'll be so glad that you took the time to record videos of Jake, my kids are 5 and 4 and we still watch little videos we took of them as babies! Love your blog <3

  2. What a sweet baby boy!! He sure loves his daddy! :)


  4. I'm so glad when daddy comes home, glad as i can be, i put my head upon his lap and climb upon his knee.

  5. That is so dang cute and I like Kaleb wanted to break out in that old familiar tune, cause it fits so perfectly. Angie used to wait by the door as soon as she heard the garage door open and Dad got a big kiss when he entered. So much fun!


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