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Friday, August 3, 2012


Oh, the joys of eating sand!
A few weeks ago, we finally let Jakey run wild in the sand. We'd been helicopter parents at the beach up until that point due to Jake's compulsive desire to eat everything in his path. Sand and seashells and seaweed and who knows what else just didn't sound very nutritious for my little guy. But for some reason, when Jake started to wander off the beach mats this time, I just let him go. It started off innocently enough, just walking over to check out the sand over there.
 Then he sat and fully examined the sand, grabbing fistfuls and letting them go.
And then, of course, a fistful found its way to his mouth. Jake wasn't too sure about it, so he had to keep sampling it to form an opinion.
Ah, but then the waves caught his attention so he started heading toward the water. Right after I took this picture, he stood up... sideways... on a slope... and face planted. Pretty sure he got a whole lot more sand than he had bargained for!
Jake was entirely unfazed. And Matt was entirely entertained.


  1. Oh this is too sweet! We are taking little Avery to the beach tomorrow and this is one of my fears, the sand! I suppose I should let it go because I'm sure she will sample it whether I like it or not. What sweet pictures :)

  2. Oh so cute. This reminds me of that Babies movie by Disney. Have you seen that? The baby in Africa lives in the dirt, naked. It is crazy. But somehow it doesn't die, and you realize maybe we're all being just a little paranoid about germs. Haha. Anyway, at the very least, letting jake run free provided some cute moments! :) love it.

  3. Why do they all eat sand? Every single kid I know has eaten sand. And they never do it just once. They need several different samples to come to a final conclusion that they shouldn't eat it. Sigh.


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