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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boys of Fall

One of the biggest perks about being back in Utah right now is getting to be a big sister on a regular basis. I've loved going to so many of my little brothers' football and soccer games this fall. They're all such good little athletes and it's just so much fun cheering them on! Matt and Jake loved it, too -- especially since Jakey got to show off his clapping skills so often.
The concentrated tongue.
An excellent defender.
Cool, or what?
Speaking of fall sports, we made it to the BYU vs. Oregon State game, which happened to be a blackout for Homecoming. And since I worked for the BYU football office and athletic department, it really is a homecoming of sorts for me. The last time we went to a BYU football game was when they beat Air Force in 2009. (Way too long of a hiatus!) It felt so nice to be back in Provo, cheering on the Cougs.
Yes, that is a USAFA shirt on Matt. I only let it slide because it's black.


  1. Jealous. Also, I miss Jakey. And you guys too. :)

  2. So cute, Ashley. I bet your brothers love having you home just as much as you love being home. Your son, he's seriously the cutest.


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