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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sub Zero

My little brother Christian was the manager of a cute little ice cream shop called Sub Zero, where they make custom ice cream in 30 seconds flat with liquid nitrogen. It's pretty cool stuff. He's now moved on to bigger and better paychecks, but before he left, Matt and I snuck away for a little date night at Sub Zero.

Kiken made us the most delicious ice cream and then we went upstairs and played arcade games for an hour. We tried our hands at a few different games (um, the shooting pictures should explain to you why I tend to stay away from guns) before settling on our favorites. Matt fell in love with some random safari-animal-catching game and I got serious with my favorite, Cruisin'. My uncle had Cruisin' World in his basement while I was growing up, so my cousins and I all became quite proficient at driving fake cars on different continents. Matt caught lots of animals and I cruised the whole world until I met President Clinton in a hot tub. (Please tell me someone knows what I'm talking about?) Good times, eh?


  1. Cruisin world!!! Yes!!!! I haven't played that for years but I'm sure if I sat down now I'd still remember every secret shortcut. Haha. I tooootally know about the hot tub at the end!

  2. Haha! I'm pretty sure you showed me all the secret short cuts. Little kid cousin parties were the best!


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