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Monday, November 5, 2012

Also in October

Apparently we took a million pictures in October, and apparently I am incapable of narrowing them down.
My little bookworm. Jake is always reading books and having us read to him. I love it.
Sometimes we spend more time in this little church entrance than actually in church. That's what happens when you have an active little guy who starts walking at 8 months and jabbers non-stop! He's so handsome, though, right?
"Diddy!" (Kitty)
What's better than your shoes? Your dad's shoes, of course!
We came back from Colorado late at night, and apparently Jake had missed his Grammie.
I think I actually bowled better while holding Jake than on my own. I'm that bad of a bowler.
Messy foods are fun. To eat, that is -- not to clean up :)
Sunday comics and Sunday dinner. Both hits.
So many baby Jakeys!
Already a height-loving Graf.
Wheels that make noise! Coolest things ever, clearly.
He's a good little helper, that one.
Well baby check-ups and shots.
Riding in the car... driving the car...
New noise discoveries: a recorder and talking with your nose plugged.
Ah, naps.
Brushing teeth is the best.
Jake really loves baths. I mean, he loves them. We try to use the baby bath still to save water at Grammie's since he takes a bath once a day. And if we forget to give him a bath for some reason, he reminds us by bringing the bathtub out and sitting in it. He's a good communicator, that one.
This picture is from the beginning of the month, but progress! Yay! This is after they put the tub in the right place. (As opposed to its previous wrong location... still don't know how they messed that one up, but so glad we caught it during framing.)
Good thing we have a video monitor, or we'd never know when Jake is awake! He always just wakes up and reads or chats, and occasionally looks up at the monitor to say hi.
Jake can never get enough swinging in one day.
Like father, like son: loving Nutella and dipping granola bars into milk.
Daddies are so fun.

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