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Friday, November 30, 2012

Glimpses of November

A few favorite snapshots from November. But first, one of our favorite Jakey videos. We rode Trax up to City Creek to do some birthday shopping with Christian, and Jake was happily walking around a tree while we waited for our return train. And then our favorite part came after the 40 second mark. Observe:
That boy kills me, he's so cute. The scared pose followed by the question and the nervous, "Oh, okay, I knew that" laugh. I could watch it a thousand times.

And apparently, puppies kill him with their cuteness because Jake.is.obsessed with the puppies. He could watch them (specifically, the "Puppy Love" videos) a thousand times.
If only we had an iPad, too.
Heading to City Creek.
Looking out the window...
Check out that big boy smile!
Restaurants are hilarious.
Playing with straws is super fun, did you know?
Ah, yes, my picky eater. Refusing the oatmeal that he had previously loved for months.
The mini-blankies my mom made for Jake have definitely come in handy!
Jake loves baths so much that he also loves towels by extension. And his uncles like to wrap him up in big blankets.
Jakey loved the fish in the waiting room. He also loved the baby he found in the preschool room (why the preschoolers left said baby doll naked, I do not know). Jake said, "Baby!" and gave it lots of hugs. Which is a big deal, since "baby" was his first word but he abandoned it a couple months later, presumably due to his apparent belief that he is no longer a baby.
Church with Great Grandma Smith!
Apparently, Utah thinks winter begins at the start of November instead of December 21st like the science books say. But it sure is pretty, right?
He's cool and stuff.
Late-night puppy-watching snuggles.
Good morning cuddles are the very best!

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  1. That video is too cute! It was the discussion of the morning between my roommate and me. We agreed that when we have kids, we want them to be as adorable as Jake!


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