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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Jake was only 3 months old when we came to Utah for Christmas last year, so snow was a new discovery for him this winter.

And he discovered that he loves it.
The first real snow of the year came in the form of a blizzard at the beginning of November. Jake peeked out of the windows all morning, obviously intrigued by the tiny white things falling from the sky. When the storm had calmed down and a light snowfall was all that remained, I bundled him up and took him outside to explore. He. LOVED. It. Jake covered the entire yard in a matter of minutes, leaving fresh baby tracks wherever he went and giggling all the way.

He had refused his mittens on our way out the back door, and since I didn't know if he'd even last thirty seconds, I didn't fight him on it. But after a few minutes, I realized that he could do this for hours so I took him inside to bundle up even more. Oh, you should have seen the tears on that little boy! But one snowsuit, booties and pair of mittens later, and the world was once again a happy place as Jake reentered his little winter wonderland. It was, according to the little mister himself, a "Happy Day."

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  1. Every.single.one.of.these.pictures.are.GORGEOUS. Did you get the emphasis there? It's pretty easy though, when you have a gorgeous child to photograph! Gah! He kills me! And he's getting soooo big!


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