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Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've been playing catch-up by back-blogging a few things that got overlooked during the whole two-months-of-no-personal computer/moving/sick/holiday time frame. Here's what you might have missed:

And now, here's a little peek into our January, compliments of our phones:

Practicing his board room etiquette. 
Celebrating six years!
He kills me.
Hanging out with the big boys.
We bought a wreath holder after Christmas, but that's certainly not what it's used for in our house. Jake immediately adopted it, and now it's his seat/stand/stage and he loves it.
Sleeping and waking up and it's all so adorable.
They're cute and stuff.
Jake enjoys climbing up Matt -- he starts standing on the ground, reaches for Matt's hands, and then starts walking up Matt's legs and just keeps going. When he gets to the top, he sits on Matt's shoulders, laughs and tells Matt stories.
And a good morning to you, too!
He likes to sit on things.
High-speed peek-a-boo!
I randomly catch Matt and Jake making the same candid face all the time lately.
Oral hygiene is very important to Jake. The more tooth brushes, the merrier!
Dressing up for church and cheesing it up for the camera. (He literally says "cheese!" these days.)
Getting ready and admiring the results! Such a handsome little guy.
Another hair cut! He looks so grown up now.
We froze... and learned that staying warm inside our home is terribly expensive -- and totally worth it.
Jake folds his arms for prayers now! He also kneels if he's not in his high chair. And sometimes, if we're really lucky, he "says" the prayer -- folds his arms when we tell him it's prayer time and starts talking quietly. It's basically the most precious thing ever.


  1. I love when they start folding their arms for prayers. It's definitely a moment where your hard work is starting to pay off!!

    And 1 degree?? Ahhh!!! So cold!

  2. That left-hand picture of Matt and Jake making the same face is UNREAL! Seriously creepy...in a totally cute way of course!

  3. If jake wasn't yours I would steal him. Watch out!!

  4. Okay, you obviously have an instagram account that i don't know about. i need to be following these cute pictures! (going to find you now...)


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