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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snapshots from December

This month consisted of lots of moving and unpacking and organizing and running errands and Christmas shopping and... being sick, which slowed down all the former activities rather significantly. Good thing we had this cute face to get us through.
Move-in day! Crazy weather (read: big mess in our brand new home) and a super nutritious first meal.
Trust me when I tell you that this cart filled up terribly fast.
Such a big tub for such a little guy.
Stairs and boxes. What more could a 15-month-old want?
Matt went on a boy's trip, which would normally not be a big deal, but it was right after the movers came. Since we weren't actually really moved in at all, Jake and I headed back to my parents' for a few days. And shared a double bed. And this is how he slept. Jake was generous enough to leave me with approximately 8 inches.
Wipes and toys... same thing.
So cuddly!
Visitors are the best. Jake was excited to see his friend Emmy and his Jordan and Nicole.
Matt was the best kind of Santa's helper out there.
My poor little sick boy.
Sliding into snow is the best!
More and more snow!
New Year's Eve!

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