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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Running Runyon

We've been craving some California sunshine and, luckily, got to spend an entire week soaking it up over Valentine's and President's Days. Matt, Jake and I brought my siblings Christian and Heidi along and we were all basking in the warmer-than-forecasted weather that ended up in the 80's most days. It was the best kind of shot in the arm, and all that sunshine did my then-20-weeks-pregnant self some serious good. The trip was nothing out of the ordinary -- we just stayed with some of our favorite people (the Rozsas, of course) and did a few of our favorite things -- but that's what made it so fun!

And yet, it was sort of a mean trick, too, because it was all so normal that Matt and I kept expecting it to be our normal life. Next weekend we should go there. ... Let's call these friends to play! ... Traffic might be bad, let's take the back way home. Except, we weren't going home and it wasn't just the normal life we loved. It was a vacation, and one that would have to end. At least we really love our current home, though, and the people that surround it! That definitely made coming back to Utah feel better. :) Unlike the snow. On President's Day, we woke up, went for a run in gorgeous 75-degree weather, packed up our car, and drove away from the palm trees and into almost a week of cold snow. How rude. But the sun is out today and Spring has to come soon, right? The groundhog said so. Anyway.

One of the highlights of our trip was running Runyon Canyon with Jake on the 15th. We've explored the Hollywood Hills a few times before, but never with a baby in a BOB. Matt definitely got a good workout pushing Jake up those bumpy inclines! It was a beautiful, warm, clear day and we loved taking in the views of Los Angeles as we ran/hiked the hills.
Jake loved being in his stroller again and got a kick out of the sometimes-bumpy ride and was so excited to see each and every puppy along the way... but was less than thrilled when we stopped to take a couple pictures. Can we just get back to playing, Mom?


  1. What an amazing view! It's definitely on my bucket list to visit. I love your blog, by the way! It's one of the few I check everyday (:

  2. So tonight, I blogged about boots not fitting over my swollen, pregnant calves, and about eating pudding. It made me laugh so hard to see this post.

    You are an inspiration, girl! Love reading about all of your adventures!



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