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Monday, February 4, 2013


A couple Tuesdays ago, Matt was voluntold to be the MC for his wing's annual awards banquet. The banquet was that Friday, so with three day's advance notice, let's just say I was grateful I already had a fancy formal gown hanging in my closet! Friday came and the babysitter took over and we fancied up and headed to the banquet. I've felt a little less connected to our military lives lately since we live off base in a very "civilian" setting, so it felt so nice and at home to be back in the military culture surrounded by uniforms and traditions and the patriotism that we hold so dear. Matt did a fantastic job, the food was delicious, and the speaker was both impressive and inspiring. It was a wonderful evening.
My mom originally made this dress for the Air Force Ball in 2010 and I also wore it to the 2012 Critics' Choice Awards. I'm normally not a big fan of rewearing formals, but I'm so in love with this dress that I love any chance to dress up and put it on. (The fact that it just happens to be the color of the year for 2013 is an added bonus, right? Emerald is the best kind of color.)
I snuck this phone picture super quick. He's so good in front of an audience.


  1. That dress is beyond gorgeous. Your Mom is one talented lady and you look fantastic! :)


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