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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 By the Numbers

Happy 2012! As a devout lover of odd years, I can honestly say I've never been more excited for an even year in my life. Probably because on this even year, we get to celebrate all sorts of odd things, like our 5-year dating anniversary (celebrated on Sunday!), 3-year wedding anniversary, and Jake's very first birthday, along with plenty of other Jakey firsts I'm sure. So, hooray for odd things in even years! But this post isn't even about 2012, it's about 2011 and all of its happy numbers -- odd and even alike. We loved 2011 as much as anyone could possibly love a year, mostly thanks to our Jake.

First, though, the obligatory January 1st roundup. Having an anniversary on the first day of the year is clearly the best. I'm so happy to be starting yet another year with you, Matt!
Okay, and now, the highlights of our 2011:

2 - lines that meant YES! We were finally pregnant! We loved spreading and celebrating the news with friends and family.
245.5 - days spent pregnant this year, which eventually led to...
13- hours of labor (really only about 7 hours of "active" labor), which brought us...
5 pounds and 13 ounces - of pure perfection in our sweet baby Jake.
(A few favorite Jakey posts are:

Before Jake's arrival, we lived up our final months of coupledom with:
17 - days advance notice before jetting off to London, Rome and the Amalfi Coast.

730 - days of marital bliss celebrated.

52 - degree difference between our cross country skiing and snowboarding ventures.

8 - teams (including BYU) watched by Matt and his brothers at the NCAA tournament in Denver.

4 - road trips to visit family in Utah.

7 - Lovely days with April, Alex and Tasha in Virginia.

? - Too many fun days at the beach to count.

2 - career updates with my resignation as a journalist and a promotion and PCA for Matt.

5 - Broadway musicals seen together, with the addition of Lion King in Las Vegas and Les Miserables in London this year.
4 - th of July celebrated on the Queen Mary.

3 - days spent at Matt's family reunion at Bear Lake.

2.5 - dollars used to win a crocodile at the local fair

39 - weeks pregnant, exactly, when we last visited Disneyland.

The party continued once Jake was born.
2 - a.m. became the best time to play

3 - pumpkins bought at the patch, and another adorable pumpkin.

7 - points scored by our baby football on Halloween.

18 - special visitors, who joined us for things like disc golf, visiting the LA temple, and a day in Santa Monica.

 - hours spent skyping with Jakey.

3296 - miles traveled on Jake's first flights, between LA and Orlando.

4 - magical days playing at Disney World with my family.

3.5 - million dancing lights at Hollywood Studios.

1 - happiest Christmas present ever.

Here's to a happy New Year!

(PS- Care to reminisce? Here's our 2010 by the numbers.)


  1. This post is truly exceptional! It is amazing how much can change in one short year :) Hope you guys had an epic first Christmas!

  2. ok seriously that is the cutest post ever!! I love how you recap by the numbers, such a cute idea :)

  3. I always look forward to your "By the numbers post"- though it always exhausts me by the end haha jk; you, Matt, and Jake are too much fun for your own good! Also, I take full responsibility for the skyping hours.... Jake is too adorable (and misses his Aunt Heidi too much) to not be seen multiple times a week :)

  4. That last picture of Jake about made me pass out! He is the sweetest thing EVER! I love this post but hate that picture of me! haha Oh well, the blonde is gone. haha You are so creative with figuring out what to post about and using the right numbers.

  5. Lets just all take a moment to soak in the awesomeness of my "Welcome home Preggers" sign just because we all know how much you loved being called preggers and a certain brand of spaghetti sauce - prego...... .... alright, soaked in.

  6. This was so fun to read! Loved all the pictures and remembering reading the blog posts throughout the year. What a nice way to commemorate 2011. It was so good to you guys! Hope 2012 is just as fantastic!

  7. I love this post! I just found your blog and I feel partially caught up! Looks like you had an AMAZING year! Hope 2012 is just as wonderful!



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