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Friday, October 28, 2011

Patch to Prop: A Pumpkin Story

I blame Pinterest. One night last week, I sat half asleep on my couch at 4 a.m. and logged onto the computer with my left hand while feeding my baby. Up popped a picture of a baby in a pumpkin, and I couldn't help myself--I repinned. And then, last night, I put my baby in a pumpkin.
Jake wasn't quite sure what to think of it. (For the record, he was wearing pants, the pumpkin was totally lined inside, and there was a space heater to his right. So I'm sort of nice while torturing my child.) But really, if someone put me inside a pumpkin, I wouldn't know what to think either.

Our journey began with an obligatory trip to the pumpkin patch two Saturdays ago. It was a monumental occasion since it was our first time heading into town for something other than a doctor's appointment, and Jake did a great job. We scoured the pumpkin patch for the perfect pumpkin and found three--one for each of us.
A baby pumpkin for the baby, of course!
We took our pumpkins home and placed them on the floor in our kitchen, where they sat unloved for 12 whole days.
Last night, we finally dug in and began creating our jack-o-lantern masterpieces.
Once the pumpkins were cleared and Jake was awake, we paused for a little photo-op. Matt lowered Jake into the pumpkin (yes, he was in on it, too) and I quickly snapped a couple shots of our little guy. He looked quite adorable in that pumpkin, if I may say so myself.
Then commercial ended and the World Series went into extra innings and our pumpkin carving session was pushed back another few days. We have to teach Jake proper priorities, you know.


  1. He is the cutest jack-o-lantern I have ever seen! (I especially love his baby pumpkin).

    p.s. Game six was crazy , intense and so good! I was watching with Mom, Dad, and Nicole, and thinking to myself, "if all baseball games were like this game- we'd watch more often." :)

  2. my goodness he is so cute! And i would totally put my hypothetical baby in a pumpkin for a picture lol.

  3. you can now call him "pumpkin butt" :)

  4. So cute! I put Harper in one last weekend too :) I just put her pictures up today :)

  5. Bahahahaha - that is so funny! Ashley, you crack me up. He is a cute baby in a pumpkin, though!

  6. I like the pumpkin idea - so cute! P.S. you look absolutely AMAZING! Never would have guessed you had a baby less than 2 months ago!

  7. hahaha! that's awesome! that's the joy of being the parents, we get to do all the torturing we want, basically so we have photos to present at their wedding to embarrass them. ;D jk, i think it's adorable!!



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