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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week two

Week two rolled around and we felt like we were really getting the hang of the whole caring-for-a-newborn thing. Jake's schedule was getting a bit more predictable, and at least one of us was getting quality sleep:
The highlight of the week was having my mom and sister Heidi in town. They arrived in the middle of the night on Jake's one-week birthday and were able to stay for five whole days, which is a small miracle if you know my family!
Matt and I loved having them here, and all of the excitement wore our little guy right out. Being a baby is hard work!
Jake had a busy week full of Skyping...
And taking lots of baths...
And giving lots of kisses... and eating constantly...
So maybe we use his rooting reflex to steal kisses.
And discovering his thumb...
And cuddling...
And sleeping in all sorts of places.
(If only Jake slept as much as pictures insinuate! He's actually awake far, far more often than he's asleep. We're just too busy playing with him in those moments to whip out a camera.)
He was deep in thought in Aunt Heidi's arms in the picture on the left!
Actually, the person who had the busiest week was my superwoman mom. She grocery shopped, cooked healthy meals, filled our freezer, deep cleaned our house, and still had time to cuddle up with Jake.
She is, clearly, the best mom and grandma on the planet.
Heidi was also ultra-helpful around the house and with Jake. It was nice to just cuddle up with Matt on the couch while our baby was happily cuddled by his beautiful aunt right next to us.
It was so great having Mom and Heidi here, and I was definitely sad to see them go.
That "I miss my mom" feeling was compounded when everything seemed to fall apart the day after they left. I came down with a painful case of mastitis, the doctor and lactation consultant ordered me to stop nursing and pump instead for a couple days (for reasons other than mastitis), and Jake happened to catch a cold. I felt miserable--both physically because of the mastitis and emotionally because of the pumping/bottle thing. It worried me since it can sometimes sabotage nursing--especially so early in the game. All of this went down on Matt's birthday, of course. On the bright side, the sight of Matt feeding our little guy was adorable.
Thankfully, nursing didn't go out the window; although we definitely experienced major difficulties as I recovered and my body readjusted and Jake learned how to handle both a bottle and mom. To be honest, it's only now just finally starting to be better and we're almost 6 weeks into it. But hey, the timing couldn't be any better because we have a busy week ahead of us! My family -- parents and seven younger siblings -- are arriving in three days and we have all sorts of fun things planned. Many thanks to Utah schools for scheduling a fall break.


  1. The first 6 weeks are the hardest! But it only gets better. I always had to keep telling myself "this is how it is for everyone" and it made me feel a little bit better knowing I wasn't alone! Although the mastitis doesn't happen to everyone and I've heard it's horrific! So sorry--hope you get feeling completely better soon. He's just too cute! You're making me baby hungry...

  2. Look at his blonde hair! And his eyes are so pretty! He's so adorable and makes it all worth it I bet :) Also, you, your mom and sister are HOT. And I'm sorry about the mastitis but I'm glad you worked it out with nursing. Feel better soon!

  3. he is so darling and that sucks about the mastisis! so glad to hear you are getting back to breastfeeding! It is so worth it! I can't believe he is already six weeks!

  4. Love your family!! Love your cute sweet baby!! The visit from Heidi and Barbara was so fun to see pictures of. I called and visited with Barbara while she was out at your house. She told me about the sleeping in the car in the garage with the baby so that you guys could get some well needed sleep!! You mom and sister are ANGELS!! I loved the picture of the food in the freezer...your mom is AWESOME AND AMAZING!! I'm excited they get to come out and hang out with you guys for the school break too. Hope it all goes great and make sure you take lots of pictures to keep us posted too ;)

  5. I also heard the garage sleeping story with everyone trying to entertain Jake so you could sleep. So thoughtful and cute of them to do that! Nursing the first baby is definitely the hardest by far. I gave it up after 3 weeks, so good for you to keep going.

  6. So glad your momma & sister were able to come out and take care of you/so sad you got sick 5 seconds later..

    He's the most perfect little man on the planet, you know this though;)

    Good luck with your family! So fun.

  7. Your mom is a super hero! She amazes me with all she can get done and with the happy attitude she has while doing it, and so great to have Heidi there. She is such a sweet beautiful sis. Glad you had some help and it was a good thing you rested up cause getting hit with all of the sickness right after was probably the worst. You had a freezer full of food and lots of help from Matt I am sure. I had the same thing happen to me when Kyle was born and it was terrible. Thank goodness we survive those first baby trauma's. It is all worth it with all the pay backs.

  8. You seriously have the prettiest family ever! I can't wait to meet your gorgeous Momma and beautiful sis- Heidi! (And the rest of your fam) One day, I know I will. haha
    Jake is seriously so unbelievably (yet it's believable because of who his parents are) handsome and amazing!
    I know the feeling of, everything is falling apart- I JUST WANT MY MOMMY!!!! I'm glad you are feeling better nowadays. :)

  9. Your sis & mom are gorgeous. You have such a great looking family!

  10. You are doing a great job Ashley and Matt! I'm so glad your family is so loving and supportive.

  11. Oh! I love your mom, probably more than she knows! I'm so glad you had some help early on. Sorry to hear about the mastitis...NOT FUN! I hope you're feeling better. I love all the pictures. Your whole family is just so beautiful!

  12. Ashley, I'm not sure if you'll remember me or not, but I remember you! When you lived in Kaysville, I was good friends with your Mom, you were in our ward. I'm Sydni Cline, my son Nic is the same age as Heidi & Nicole, they were in Preschool together... I hope you don't mind me "blog stalking", but I so love hearing about all you kids! I miss your family a ton! Congratulations on the new baby! All the comments above are so true, your Mom is amazing! You and your family are Gorgeous!!! Jake is precious! Tell your Mom and dad Hello for me!


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