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Sunday, October 9, 2011

In the hospital

About an hour and a half after Jake was born, our favorite delivery nurse wheeled us to our recovery room. Matt and I spent the next two days soaking in our new parenthood, just mesmerized by our sweet little boy.
I didn't sleep much that first night between feeding Jake and staring at his perfect face. The next morning when I told my mom we were up most of the night, she asked me what I watched (on the TV). "Just Jake," I responded.
Those first couple days were pure bliss.

A few highlights of our hospital stay:
*Introducing Jake to our families via Skype.
*Going on walks around the hospital.
*Taking a few pictures (including all of his tiny details).
*Cuddling. Lots and lots of cuddling.
*Realizing just how tired we really were.
*Remedying that problem with little naps.
Matt even had his own bed!
*Changing diapers.
*Just hanging out with our little guy.
*Getting ready to head home!
Jake is now more than one month old (where does all the time go?), so I'm going try really hard to catch up fast!
Many, many more posts coming -- and soon.


  1. WOW amazing! Jake is so sweet!

  2. Priceless! Those newborn moments are just so heavenly and little Jake looks like he is enjoying himself right along with you and Matt!

  3. Such a beautiful baby boy, congrats!!

  4. Wait, what!? It's been more then a month!? Time does fly, I can't believe it! I feel like you just had him! And again, he's so adorable! These pics make me cry...I can't wait till I'm in your shoes :)

  5. I'm taking notes on all the cool things I need to do for my next baby. haha I could seriously stare at little Jake for hours. He is so cute! I miss snuggling him!

  6. He is SO beautiful, congrats!!!!!


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